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Summer Workshop on Money, Banking, and Payments

Held August 8-18, 2006

Papers Presented

Financial Market Frictions and Price Stability
Gabriele Camera and Francesco Ruscitti

Money, Credit, and Collateral
Leo Ferraris and Makoto Watanabe

Equilibrium Concepts in the Large-Household Model
Tao Zhu

Optimal Propogation of Real Shocks in a Cash-in-Advance Model
Ricardo Cavalcanti

Dynamic Taxation, Private Information, and Money
Chris Waller

Search, Market Power, and Inflation Dynamics
Allen Head and Bev Lapham

Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy when Money Is Essential
Boragan Aruoba and Sanjay Chugh

On the Welfare Costs of Inflation
Ben Craig and Guillaume Rocheteau

Counterfeit Money
Elena Quercioli and Lones Smith

Inflation and Unemployment
Aleks Berentsen, Guido Menzio, and Randy Wright

Payment Networks in a Search Model of Money
Antoine Martin, Michael Orlando, and David Skeie

U.S. Money Demand: Theory and Evidence
Marcus Hagedorn

Hetrogeneity and the Suboptimality of the Friedman Rule
Paola Boel and Gabreile Camera

Money and the Variety of Goods
Ken Burdett and Andrei Shevchenko

The Rise of Money: An Evolutionary Analysis of the Origins of Money
Kevin Hasker

Anonymous Markets and Monetary Trading
C. D. Aliprantis, Gabriele Camera and Daniela Puzzello

Endogenously Segments Markets in a Search-Theoretic Model of Monetary Exchange
Jonathan Chiu and Miquel Molico

Monetary Policy and Asset Prices
Thanasis Geromichalos, Juan Licari and Jose Suarez-Lledo

Ben Lester, Andy Postlewaite and Randy Wright

Money in Production and Frictions in the Labor Market
Alok Kumar

Welfare Improvement from Restricting the Liquidity of Nominal Bonds
Shoyoung Shi

Banks, Open Market Operations and the Friedman Rule
Steve Williamson

How People Pay: Evidence from Grocery Store Data
Elizabeth Klee

Liquidity and Spending Dynamics
Veronica Guerrieri and Guido Lorenzoni

Monetary Exchange with Multilateral Matching
Benoit Julien, John Kennes and Ian King

Dispersion of Money Holdings and Inflation
Manolis Galenianos and Philipp Kircher

Banking, Inside Money and Outside Money
Hongfei Sun

Learning by Matching
Manuel Amador and Pierre-Olivier Weill

Competition in the Supply of Fiat Money
Luis Araujo and Braz Camargo

The Welfare Costs of Expected and Unexpected Inflation
Miquel Faig and Zhe Li