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Summer Workshop on Money, Banking, and Payments, II

Workshop held August 23-27, 2004

Papers Presented

  • Money and Credit in Organized Trade
    Peter Howitt

  • Another Nonrobustness Result for the Cash-In-Advance Equilibrium in the Trading Post Model
    Neil Wallace

  • Quality Difference in a Model of Money (links offsite)
    Balazs Szentes

  • Leaning Against the Wind
    Pierre-Olivier Weill

  • Indivisibilities and Lotteries under Incomplete Information
    Andre Shevchenko/Luis Araujo

  • Money and Capital
    Boragan Aruoba

  • Monetary Policy and the Distribution of Money and Capital
    Miguel Molico

  • Inflation and Incomplete Price Adjustment
    Alan Head

  • Money and Capital as Competing Media of Exchange
    Ricardo Lagos

  • Money, Credit, and Banking
    Aleks Berentsen

  • Divisible Money in an Economy with Villages
    Miquel Faig

  • Money Creation in a Random Matching Model
    Alexei Deviatov

  • Sticky Prices
    Guillaume Rocheteau