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Money and Fiscal Policy

Workshop held July 15-17, 2002

Papers Presented

  • The Time Consistency of Optimal Monetary Policy with Heterogeneous Agents
    Stefania Albanesi, University of Bocconi

  • Optimal Fiscal and Monetary Policy with Sticky Prices: Can We Make a Case for Inflation Volatility?
    Henry Siu, Northwestern University

  • Budget Rules and Government Investment
    Marco Bassetto, University of Minnesota

  • Government Equity and Money: John Law's System in 1720 France
    François R. Velde, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

  • Does Neoclassical Theory Account for Wartime Economic Booms? Evidence from World War II
    Ellen McGrattan

  • Credibility and Distribution: On the Role of the Distribution of Debt Claims in Ensuring the Credibility of Debt-financed Fiscal Policy
    Christopher Sleet, University of Iowa