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Regulation in Housing Finance

Workshop held May 19, 2000

Papers Presented


Session I: RESPA

Stanley D. Longhofer, Wichita State University

Economic Functions of Referrals and Referral Fees
Peter F. Colwell and Charles M. Kahn

The Value of the Sunshine Cure: Efficacy of the RESPA Disclosure Strategy
Mark D. Shroder

John C. Weicher, Hudson Institute
David C. Fynn, National City Bank

Session II: Secondary and Primary Mortgage Market Interactions

James R. Webb, Cleveland State University

Credit Scoring and Mortgage Scrutinization as a Strategic Game: Whither the Liquidity Premium?
Andrea Heuson, S. Wayne Passmore, and Roger Sparks

A New Spin on the Jumbo/Conforming Loan Rate Differential
Brent W. Ambrose, Richard Buttimer, and Thomas Thibodeau

Robert Van Order, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
David Pearl, Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight

Session III: Credit Market Access and the Effects of CRA

Mark S. Sniderman, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Disparities in Mortgage Lending, Bank Performance, Economic Influence, and Regulatory Oversight
Keith D. Harvey, M. Cary Collins, Peter J. Nigro, and Breck Robinson

Have the Doors Opened Wider? Trends in Homeownership Rates by Race and Income
Raphael W. Bostic and Brian J. Surette

Automated Underwriting, Consumer Regulation, and the Access to Mortgage Credit
Amy Crews Cutts, Peter E. Mahoney, and Peter M. Zorn

Patricia E. Beeson, University of Pittsburgh
Amy S. Bogdon, Fannie Mae Foundation
Michael LaCour-Little, Citicorp Mortgage, Inc.