2013 Writing Contest: Future World: How Would You Like to Pay for That?

Second Place Creative Writing

The Hand Print Effect

Erika Maleski, Kirtland High School, Kirtland, Ohio, Teacher, Dr. Matthew Hiner

December 29, 2019

Dear Mr. John Smith,

Thank you for requesting information on the Hand Print Effect, the wave of future finances. We guarantee banking with us will be a breeze. With the Hand Print Effect you have all of your finances literally at the tip of your finger. There will be no more need to find an ATM, you cannot forget your wallet, and your identity can never be stolen. With the worldwide transition date approaching, April 15th, 2020, we are pleased that you came to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

Let me explain how the Hand Print Effect works. You will need to have four nontoxic chips placed in both your left and right wrists and index fingers. This process will take no longer than 2 minutes and can be done right in any Cleveland Clinic location that is most convenient to you. With the chips you will receive a silver wristband that will show you all of your account information in holographic form. The Hand Print Effect is very safe and effective and works just like a credit card. You see, a credit card has its own unique number so when swiped the money can be taken from the connected account, but your hand print has its own form that can't be copied as well, so the process is the same. The difference from a credit card to your hand, is your money is always with you and only you can use it. You will be able to set your default account for basic everyday transactions, like buying gas, and you can switch to other accounts for different transactions, like a mortgage payment. Since the transition to the Hand Print Effect will eliminate cash and under-the-table transactions, it is also a tax deduction.

The wristband will help you manage your money. There are many tabs and settings to help you organize everything, just like in your wallet. Your car payments, mortgages, credit cards, and anything that requires monthly payments will be under the 'Bills' tab. When you need to pay your bills at the end of the month all you need to do is pull up your holographic screen and drag the money to the needed tabs. You will still have savings and checking accounts, and you will be able to track all of your retirement and investment accounts. If you wish to take out money from your retirement accounts or a home equity loan, you must go to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland or any authorized location to complete those transactions, but you can freely work with investment accounts. If, for example, you have a loan under your name and your spouse’s name you will both be able to see the account on your wristband as well as pay on it, and joint accounts can be viewed and used by both people.

Everyday transactions, like buying a pack of gum or going out to dinner, can be made by placing your hand on a green hand grid and the money will be taken out of your default account. Since the Hand Print Effect will eliminate all forms of cash, if you would like to give money to a friend or family member you will just simply hold your hands together so the wrist chip and finger chips are touching. You will then tap your wristband and push the amount of money to the new tab that will appear from the friend's chip. When you apply for a credit card the account will appear on your wristband screen and then you can set it to be your default account if you wish. Your paycheck can also be directly deposited to your wristband or you can pick it up from your employer's hand grid. Also, if you are planning to travel, changing the currency is as simple as raising your hand! At any designated currency counter you can convert your money to any other currency.

Since the Hand Print Effect is unique just like you, it has many safety features. Your identity cannot be stolen because of your unrepeatable handprint and magnetic code implanted. No one can spend your money without your hand. Another great safety feature is when someone's trying to steal your money your heart rate can shut down your wristband. When you have the chips put in, your heart patterns are entered as well. This way if someone tries to make you transfer your money unwillingly to them, your set 'shut down' heart rate will freeze your accounts.

The Hand Prìnt Effect is the new way to handle your finances. You will be able to manage your accounts with ease, whenever and wherever. You will never have to worry about losing your wallet or your identity. The Hand Print Effect will help you get the most out of your money. We look forward to seeing you soon to help you take the first step toward your new financial future!


CEO Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland