Writing Contest: Third Place - Creative Writing (Tie)

Doing "R" Part

Gary Remlinger, Baldwin High School, Pittsburgh, PA, (Teacher: Natalie Grattan)

Since everyone keeps saying let's go green,
I have an idea to put us on the scene.
Believe me folks when I say it's no blunder,
It's an idea for all others to wonder.

I believe we should make a regulation,
That is required across the entire nation.
One that is relatively easy to enforce:
I'm talking about recycling, of course.

Recycling is such a wonderful plan,
It can put to work the common man.
It can help the family bring home the bacon,
If you think I'm lying, you must be mistaken.

Saving resources for the years to come,
So our younger generations can have some.
We are eventually going to run short,
You don't want this as a last resort.

We need to set an example for all to follow,
It is an easy plan for all to swallow.
It's such a simple plan to achieve,
We can all do it if you just believe.