Writing Contest: Third Place - Creative Writing (Tie)

College Costs

Abigail Whisler, Hoover High School, North Canton, OH, (Teacher:Rashmi Chopra)

I want to go to college
So I can learn and grow,
But how I will afford it
Quite frankly, I don't know.

Many students have this problem.
We refer to it as cost.
And paying all these bills
Seems a cause that's lost.

Something's got to change.
There ought to be a rule
To regulate the price
Of post-secondary school.

There are some rules in place
But they're not so effective,
As shown by the price
Of just one elective.

The issue here is clear.
It's time to make a change.
Either make a new start
Or old rules rearrange.

Education is essential,
So let's regulate the fee,
Set clear limits on inflation,
And act responsibly.

If tuition costs remained
The same for all four years
Of each student's education,
We'd surely save some tears.

Likewise to help kids out,
Leave no grant unclaimed.
Share the gift of knowledge
With all people the same.

These are just ideas
To change the way things are,
But some good regulations
Have benefits that go far.