Writing Contest: Seimifinalists

Importance of a Budget: A magnificent poem

Lisa Chung, Shawnee High School, Lima, OH (Teacher: Mrs. Kent)

Should I buy this plaid shirt?

Or perhaps these gold earrings?

But do I have enough money,

To buy all these nice things?


To buy or not to buy,

Is the question I ask.

But the answer is a Budget,

That will set me on task.


I must save, save, save,

In order to spend, spend, spend.

Opportunity costs may include,

Clothes, shoes, and maybe a boyfriend.


To diminish my spending,

In the theaters, diners, and mall.

Would enable me to acquire my needs,

Not a vacation to the Taj Mahal.


Critical mistakes I must avoid,

Like unfavorable variances and bounced checks.

If not the Budget will be,

Ruined, and I’ll need a Kleenex.

Composition has been lightly edited.