Life After High School

The Challenge

Can’t wait to get out of high school? Juniors and seniors … it won’t be much longer! Much of your life after high school will be determined by you. How will you evaluate your choices for what you will do after graduation? How will you invest in yourself? Where will your journey start?

Here are some of your possibilities…

Here is your challenge: Write a brief essay about your post-graduation plans that incorporates economic concepts.* How will you weigh the costs and benefits of your options? What is the best road to earn the education and skills you need? Does college make the most economic sense? Is there an economic benefit to entering the workforce right away?

There is no right or wrong path to choose. Every path can lead you to more than one destination, and changes are bound to be made along the way. But remember that each choice you make requires sacrifices. Good luck!

Entry Deadline: April 11, 2008

*Examples of economic concepts include:

Financial Goals
Desired results from one’s efforts to achieve personal economic satisfaction
Human Capital
The total of a person’s productive knowledge, experience, and training; the more you invest in yourself, the more productive you become and the more you contribute to the economy
A factor that encourages people to do something; often a monetary reward or the prospect of obtaining one
Standard of Living
The overall degree of comfort of an individual, household, or population, as measured by the amount of goods and services consumed