InterAgency Collaboration Program

Mission Statement

To build an environment for openly communicating with banking regulatory agencies beyond financial data.

About the InterAgency Collaboration Program

To support the increased need to openly communicate, share knowledge and network with other banking regulatory organizations, the Federal Reserve System’s supervision and regulation function formed partnerships with various organizations to initiate the InterAgency Collaboration Program (IACP). 

The IACP aims to connect people across banking regulatory organizations to exchange expertise on supervisory topics beyond financial data, discuss business problems in a secure, online forum and share lessons learned across organizations, working together to strengthen the financial system across the United States. For the latest industry news and IACP updates, follow @FRB_InterAgency on Twitter.

At the annual InterAgency Collaboration Roundtable event, networking opportunities, facilitated brainstorming sessions, and formal surveys took place to identify opportunities and cultivate relationships between organizations. More information about the event is available at the InterAgency Collaboration Roundtable event page.


  1. What is the InterAgency Program?

    The InterAgency Collaboration Program is a joint effort among banking regulatory organizations to create an environment for openly communicating beyond financial data.
  2. Who is involved?

    Participants span across banking regulatory organizations, including:Conference of State Banking Supervisors, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council, Federal Reserve System, Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Office of Financial Research, and Securities and Exchange Commission.
  3. Who do I contact for more information about getting involved? or tweet us at @FRB_InterAgency
  4. Who is leading this initiative?

    The InterAgency Collaboration Program is sponsored by the Federal Reserve System's supervision and regulation function, with leadership and guidance provided by the members of the InterAgency Collaboration Steering Group.
  5. What is the purpose?

    Participation in the InterAgency Collaboration Program will mutually benefit all of those involved by connecting individuals and groups with common questions and needs across organizations. The initiative aims to provide a centralized place for networking, vetting needs and sharing ideas with counterparts across banking regulatory organizations, which ultimately will assist in solving business problems together quickly and efficiently.