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Supervision & Regulation
The primary objectives of the Supervision and Regulation function include protecting depositors’ funds, maintaining a stable monetary system, promoting an efficient and competitive banking system, and protecting consumer rights related to banking relationships and transactions. This section provides additional information on regulations, applications, banking market definitions, State Bank membership, circular letters, and Community Reinvestment Act Performance Evaluations.
Financial Reporting and Data
All forms, instructions and deadlines for making reports to the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank. Comprehensive industry data about the Fourth District bank holding companies and depository institutions. Reports for Bank and Financial Holding Companies and Despository Institutions include assets, liabilities, and equity capital. Entity counts provide statistics on various financial organizations.
Credit Risk Management
The Credit Risk Management staff of the Cleveland Federal Reserve Bank includes three primary areas: the Discount Window, Payment System Risk, and Reserves. The Discount Window complements open market operations in managing the reserves market day to day and facilitates balance sheet adjustments of individual banks that face temporary, unforeseen changes in their asset and liability structure.
Based on the mandate of Congress, the Federal Reserve is an active intermediary in clearing and settling interbank payments. Information includes payment system risk policy, net debit cap, and daytime and overnight overdraft policies. Reserves, in regard to Regulation D: Reserve Requirements of Depository Institutions, includes calculations, clearing balances, pass-throughs, and as-of adjustments.
Business Continuity
Instructions for accessing cash and check services during a disruption of normal operations at the Cleveland Fed.
Consumer Protection
Consumers have the right to file a complaint against a financial institution they believe has either acted unfairly or deceptively towards them, or has violated a law or regulation. You may file this complaint with us assuming we are the federal regulator of the financial institution, or we may help by directing you to the appropriate regulatory agency, if we are not the federal regulator.
Banking Contacts
Contacts for banking and financial institutions for specific functional areas.