Consumer Protection

The Federal Reserve is responsible for enforcing many federal laws, including the Truth in Lending Act, the Community Reinvestment Act, and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, all of which protect consumers in their dealings with state-chartered banks that are members of the Federal Reserve System.

These pages will provide information on the Federal Reserve's role in enforcing these laws and on how to file a consumer complaint. As a consumer, you have the right to file a complaint against a financial institution you believe has either acted unfairly or deceptively towards you, or has violated a law or regulation.

Federal Reserve Consumer Help

The Federal Reserve Consumer Help website assists consumers who have a problem with a bank or other financial institution. This consumer-focused site provides users with information regarding checking accounts, consumer protection laws, and credit.

Consumer Help

Additional Resources

The following links are external websites that support consumers in understanding certain roles of the Federal Reserve System, including personal finance education and consumer privacy.