Annual Report 2009

Essay: Putting Systemic Risk on the Radar Screen

what is systemic risk

As the nation ponders its response to the greatest financial crisis in generations, plans for regulatory reform are everywhere. Proposals to break up big financial companies, create a new agency for consumer protection, and lay out additional rules for derivatives, insurance companies, and hedge funds—they’re all on the table. Read More

  1. President’s Foreword | 317k
  2. Putting Systemic Risk on the Radar Screen | 2.5Mb
  3. 2009 Operational Highlights | 2.8Mb
  4. Management’s Report on Internal Control Over Financial Reporting | 69k
  5. Report of Independent Auditors | 180k
  6. Financial Statements | 1.8Mb
  7. Officers and Consultants | 237k
  8. Boards of Directors | 659k
  9. Business Advisory Councils | 385k
  10. Complete Publication | 10.8Mb

The Annual Report was prepared by the Public Affairs, Research, and Community Development departments of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

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