(includes employment at time of Cleveland project)

Malcolm Bush
Woodstock Institute

Rick Edlund
Manager, Appraisal Department
Ohio Savings Bank

Marsha Hughes
Northeastern Ohio League of Savings Institutions

Shirley Mays
Fair Housing Administrator
City of Cleveland

Gregory Vincent
Regional Director
Ohio Civil Rights Commission

Donna Cotton
Community Affairs Director
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

David Fynn
Corporate Compliance Officer
National City Corporation

Lionel Lewis
Vice President
A.J. Lewis & Associates

Jerry McClain
Senior Vice President
Society National Bank

Mary Davis
Fair Housing Officer
Cuyahoga County Department of Development

Barbara Grothe
Program Manager
Greater Cleveland Rounddable

Tom LaRochelle
Executive Director
Cleveland Area Board of Realtors

Alan Reichert
Professor of Finance
Cleveland State University

Cleveland Project Principals

Mary Davis, fair housing officer, Cuyahoga County Department of Development;
Barbara Grothe, program manager, Greater Cleveland Roundtable;
Francis Smith, executive director, Ohio Civil Rights Commission;
Andrew “Bud” Burkle, Jr., vice president, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

Robert Morgan, Real Estate and Property Insurance Task Groups;
Rosita Motton, Property Insurance Task Group;
Rick Edlund, Planning Committee and Appraisal and Lender Task Groups.

Anda Cook, Private Mortgage Insurance Task Group;
David Fynn, Planning Committee and Real Estate and Credit Bureau Task Groups;
Tony Willis, Appraisal Task Group.

Lionel Lewis, Planning Committee and
Private Mortgage Insurance and Real Estate Task Groups;
Marie Gerace, Lender Task Group.

The Greater Cleveland Residential Housing and Mortgage Credit Project—Full text of essay
Planning Committee
Cleveland Project Sponsors
Test Project: Appraising an Urban Home
Task Group Accomplishments
Task Group Members

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