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Universities, Innovation and Economic Growth

Overview and Links to Presentations and Papers

November 16–17, 2006

This conference convened academics, angel networks, business leaders, civic and community officials, county and state economic development leaders, law firm representatives, legislators, public policy officials, researchers, and venture financing bankers to examine how universities, innovation, and the economy are not separate entities, but engaged participants working toward a common goal — stimulating economic growth.

Experts from across the country tackled tough questions: How do universities contribute to local innovation and economic growth processes? What are the real-world applications of university research and development? Is technology transfer the best way to forge this necessary collaboration between the higher-education and business communities?

The first day of the conference focused on higher research and what the data gleaned means to the economy. Distinguished professors presented on topics such as how universities are faring in a competitive world and how geography impacts innovation. The second day of the conference was geared toward people in the business community. High-level executives who have faced head-on the challenges and triumphs collaboration can bring shared experiences and insights.

Papers Presented

  • Welcoming Remarks
    • Mark Sniderman, Senior Vice President and Director of Research, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
  • Are Elite Universities Losing Their Competitive Edge? presentation | paper
    • Adair Morse, Ph.D. Candidate, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan
  • Peer Effects in the Workplace: Evidence from Professional Transitions for the Superstars of Medicine
    • Pierre Azoulay, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University;
      Faculty Research Fellow, National Bureau of Economic Research
  • Geography and Innovation: Evidence from Nobel Laureate Physicists presentation | paper
    • Bruce A. Weinberg, Associate Professor of Economics, The Ohio State University;
      Research Affiliate, Institute for Labor Research
  • Luncheon and Keynote Address
    Does the Location of Ideas Matter in the Internet Age?
    • Richard Freeman, Herbert Ascherman Professor of Economics, Harvard University;
      Director, Labor Studies Program, National Bureau of Economic Research
  • Academic Entrepreneurs: Social Learning and Participation in University Technology Transfer presentation | paper
    • Maryann P. Feldman, Zell Miller Distinguished Professor of Higher Education, Institute of Higher Education, University of Georgia
  • The Influence of University Research on Industrial Innovation presentation | paper
    • Gerald Marschke, Associate Professor of Economics, University at Albany, SUNY;
      Research Fellow, Institute for the Study of Labor
  • U.S. Ethnic Scientists and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Placement Patterns presentation | paper
    • William R. Kerr, Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School, Harvard University;
      Research Associate, National Bureau of Economic Research and the Center for Economic Studies