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1987 Quarter 1 | vol. 23, No. 1


Concentration and profitability in non-MSA banking markets.
by Gary Whalen

An examination of the relationship between bank profitability and concentration using recent data from a sample of institutions drawn from non-metropolitan statistical area counties in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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The effect of regulation on Ohio electric utilities.
by Philip Israilevich and K.J. Kowalewski

An estimation of the regulatory impact on technical change in the electric utility industry, indicating that regulation retarded the rate of technical change experienced by a sample of Ohio electric utilities over the 1965 to 1982 period.

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Views from the Ohio manufacturing index.
by Michael F. Bryan and Ralph L. Day

An introduction to the experimental Ohio Manufacturing Index and a brief examination of the recent patterns of manufacturing growth occurring in the state.

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1987 Quarter 2 | vol. 23, No. 2



A new effective exchange rate index for the dollar and its implications for U.S. merchandise trade.
by Gerald H. Anderson and Nicholas V. Karamouzis and Peter D. Skaperdas

An introduction to a new exchange-rate index to measure the foreign-exchange value of the dollar. The authors develop a model of U.S. merchandise trade, featuring the new index.

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How will tax reform affect commercial banks?
by Thomas M. Buynak

Using a simulation, the author examines the potential effect of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 on the future tax liability of Ohio's commercial banks.

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1987 Quarter 3 | vol. 23, No. 3



FSLIC forbearances to stockholders and the value of savings and loan shares.
by James B. Thomson

An investigation of the value of FSLIC forbearances to the stockholders of insolvent stock-chartered thift institutions, concluding that these forbearances increase the stock-market value of thrift institutions

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Identifying amenity and productivity cities using wage and rent differentials.
by Patricia E. Beeson and Randall W. Eberts

An explanation of how regional wage and rent differentials can be used to classify metropolitan areas according to their amenity and productivity characteristics.

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Can services be a source of export-led growth? Evidence from the fourth district.
by Erica L. Groshen

A discussion of the role played by service exports in sustaining a regional economy, with the contention that its growth reflects a natural and inevitable response to rising wealth.

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1987 Quarter 4 | vol. 23, No. 4



Learning rationality, the stability of equilibrium and macroeconomics.
by John B. Carlson

A review of the literature concerning how individuals learn to form rational expectations and a discussion of the meaning of rationality in a macroeconomy characterized by highly decentralized markets.

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Airline hubs: a study of determining factors & effects.
by Paul W. Bauer

A study of the determinants that influence where airlines establish hubs in the hub-and-spoke networks that developed in the industry, with identification of the quantitative effects of these determinants.

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A comparison of risk-based capital and risk-based deposit insurance.
by Robert B. Avery and Terrence M. Belton

A comparison of alternative bank regulatory proposals for controlling the level of bank risk, using a model based on six FDIC variables for predicting bank failure or loss.

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