Fed in the Classroom

Free Videoconferences


The free Fed in the Classroom videoconference program can enhance your students' learning experience, expand their understanding of the U.S. central bank, and support your curriculum objectives.

Timing is tailored to your schedule. Every session includes interactive discussion and time for questions and answers.

To register or for more information call 216.774.2756 or email April McClellan-Copeland.



  1. The Role of the Fed - Give your students an opportunity to learn about the history and functions of the Federal Reserve System in this engaging presentation.
  2. The Economy in the News - What's the latest on the economy? An expert will talk to students about prices, output, and employment levels.
  3. Money Smart: Managing your Finances - Help your students make their own best decisions about saving, investing, and managing finances.
  4. Monetary Policy - Monetary policy may sound complicated, but this program will explain how the Federal Reserve influences monetary policy and the levels of employment and prices.
  5. The Federal Open Market Committee - Students will get a common-sense explanation of open market operations and the most recent FOMC meeting.
  6. The Future of Money - An expert will explore how using cash may become a thing of the past as more people use mobile devices to pay for purchases.
  7. Unintended Consequences and Critical Thinking - Students will learn about how rules and regulations can have the most unexpected consequences.
  8. Careers at the Fed - What subjects should your students study to prepare for careers at the Federal Reserve Bank.