2012 Writing Contest: Economics on TV?

Second Place Creative Writing

New Year's Eve Surprise

Matthew Hemphill, Aurora High School, Aurora, Ohio, Teacher, Jenna Schadle

How I Met Your Mother is the show.
It was New Year's Eve, where to go?
Down the stairs they went for some fun.
To their favorite bar, the decision was done.
When they got to the bar, they were met with a surprise
A long line to get in, no lies.
Ted and Barney didn't know what to do
The bouncer would not let them through.
There were too many people, too high a demand.
There was a cover charge and prices rose out of hand.
Supply and demand, a simple concept
When the price rose they almost wept.
Demand can shift to the right
Raising prices, what a sight.
The line was long, they felt alone
Where to party? Maybe back at home.
Then an idea came to their mind,
Their own bar for all to unwind.
The demand was too great
For the little supply, causing a wait.
The prices were raised too high
Leaving, starting their own bar, bye-bye.