Writing Contest: Semifinalist

An Economic View of My Future

Kristin Cukovich, Seneca Valley Senior High School, Harmony, PA (Teacher: Mrs. Erin Ceh)

Life after high school includes challenges, obstacles, and new experiences. No matter what you plan to do after high school, different economic concepts will be all around you. There are a few economic concepts that come to mind when I think about my chosen career field and future plans. These concepts include supply and demand as well as credit cards, budgets, and insurance. These important economics concepts are a vital part of my future.

My future plans involve attending a four-year college for early childhood and elementary education. After graduating and earning my teacher’s certification, I hope to get a job in a public school district in Pennsylvania, which is one of the three top states for education along with New York and Michigan. Unfortunately, there is a very large supply of teachers, especially elementary teachers, in the area and it is difficult to get a job. Consequently there is a low demand for teachers in Pennsylvania, but there is a higher demand for teachers out west and down south in Florida. It would be much easier to get a job down south than here in Pennsylvania. I have researched this problem and have come up with an uplifting conclusion. According to studies, many teachers residing in the Baby Boom age will be ready to retire by the time I graduate from college. This will create a higher demand for teachers and the high supply of people who want to be teachers will be able to fill that demand for teachers that want to make a difference in children’s lives.

During my four years at college, I will have to learn how to manage expenses on my own. There are a few economic concepts that will fit in my life during my years at college. The concepts of using credit cards, budgeting, and purchasing insurance will fit in my life. During my college years, I would most likely not use a credit card. I do not believe I would be able to pay the interest rate because I am not sure if I will have a job during college. If I were to get a job, I would save the money to put in my bank instead f having to pay interest rates on my credit cards. At college I will need to follow a budget. I will have to balance my expenses, both fixed and variable, in order to not run out of money. After high school I plan on purchasing insurance. It is important to buy the right type of insurance for your life style.

For me, college is the best road to take in order to obtain the education and skills I will need to be successful. If you enter the work force right after high school, you will not have the debts to pay from college and you will be able to start making money right away. However, college will provide the best education to be able to make a lot more money in the future. No matter what you do, economics will follow you. I feel confident that I will overcome the challenges that come my way in the future. Using my knowledge of economics and the education I will acquire at college, I will become a successful individual in today’s society.