Writing Contest: Runner-Up

Life After High School

Denise Vu, Larry A. Ryle High School, Union, KY (Teacher: Ms. Sarah Meece)

“Welcome to the real world” are the words I can’t wait to hear at graduation. I’m ready to move on, leave high school, learn how the business world works, meet new people, and broaden my views. My post-graduation plans are to attend a four-year university, either the University of Kentucky or the University of Louisville, and look towards a business major in entrepreneurship. After taking into consideration my personal financial goals, my future contribution to human capital, the incentives to reach my goals, and the standard of living I wish for after these plans are achieved, I decided this would be the best route for my future.

The cost and benefits of attending a university balance out in my book. I don’t need a private college to study business and neither do I want to attend a smaller college and pay a tremendous price to attend it. In an entrepreneurship business, I need to know a huge number of people to help me out, get me started, and keep me connected with the business world. Enrolling at a large school will help me achieve this necessity by allowing me to meet many new people and form new connections. So, paying less than half the price of a private college for a school to not only teach me my business major, but to offer me a new place to live and meet people, balances out in the benefits I would earn and the price it would cost.

Also, by meeting new people, I will gain new knowledge and experience, which will make me more productive and let me contribute more to the economy. So, the more I invest in myself in college, the more human capital I will acquire, which will be important as well as helpful to me when I become an entrepreneur because I will have the training I need to be successful. I must also obtain an education about my major in business and attain the skills of a businesswoman or entrepreneur, which a four-year university will provide me with. Living, learning, working, and forming experiences at a large place full of diverse people at the university is a microcosm of the business world; therefore, it will prepare me for what is to come.

Not only is a university the best road for me to earn the education, experience, and skills I need. It also presents the incentive for me to achieve my goal of becoming an entrepreneur after college. Knowing that earning a business degree from college will open up more opportunities for me is part of what gives me the encouragement to attend and complete college. The other main incentive that keeps me motivated to reach such a goal is the outcome after I achieve my goal of becoming an entrepreneur. I will be able to own and manage businesses, make the money I desire, and work for myself.

In addition to becoming an entrepreneur, my standard of living will depend on me. Because I will be taking my own profits, the better I manage my business, the more it will succeed; therefore, if I run the business efficiently, I can make the income I need for the comfortable standard of living I wish for. High socioeconomics is not what I’m aiming for, but rather, an economic class high enough to provide a home big enough for my family, spare money for leisure, and enough to keep me surviving comfortably. Thus, entering the workforce right away will be beneficial to me because I will be able to start early in the business world and gain more experience in working as an entrepreneur while I’m making my own money and living the lifestyle I desire.

The path I’ve chosen to take after high school fits me, my dreams, and my capabilities, and it also makes the most economic sense for my life. Attending a four-year university and becoming an entrepreneur will help me meet my financial goals, add to human capital, be an incentive for reaching my ambitions, and provide the standard of living I hope for. At the same time, a four-year college would help me personally because it costs a price I can afford and also grants the education, experience, and skills I need to become a successful entrepreneur.