2011 Undergraduate Research Poster Competition

The third annual University of Akron and Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Undergraduate Research Poster Competition was held on April 29, 2011. Undergraduate economics students from Ashland University, Capital University, Case Western Reserve University, Kenyon College, Oberlin College, and The University of Akron, presented original research on a variety of topics. Presentations were judged by Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland economists.

The top presentations were:

First Place: Gary Cohen, Oberlin College, "Strategic Competition over School Inputs and Outputs."

Second Place: Alexander Boote, Kenyon College, "Remodeling Borjas: A Reexamination of the Impact of Immigration on Native Wages and Employment."

Third place(tie): Amy Higgins, The University of Akron, "Detriments of War: A Look at Guatemala's Civil War and its Effects on Labor Market Earnings."
Adam Parker, Case Western Reserve University, "Financial Access and Aspirations: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Nepal."
Marcus Phelps, The University of Akron, "Examining Pre-collegiate Impacts on Black Male College Graduation Rates: Does Your Past Really Predict Your Future?"

Other participants included:

Jarred Blumensheid, Capital University, "The Weather Factor and Suicide Rates."
Jed Robert Cooper, Capital University, "Long Term Effect of Tax Credits on Job Creation."
Sean Malone, Capital University, "Were Bank CEOs Overpaid?"
Chris Meldrum, The University of Akron, "It's Not Easy Being Green: International Trade's Effect on the Environment."
Sarah Muse, Ashland University, "A Reconstruction of the Federal Government's Balance Sheet."
Oleksiy Stepanov, Capital University, "Testing the Validity of Okun's Law."
Sylvia Telesz, "How Teachers' Unions Affect Student Achievement."
Ian Andrew Walker, Oberlin College, "The Effect of British Colonial Rule on Long-run Outcomes in India."

For information on the 2012 contest contact Fracesco Renna at frenna@uakron.edu.

Undergraduate Research Poster Competition winners (from left to right):
Alexander Boote, Adam Parker, Amy Higgins, Marcus Phelps, Gary Cohen.