The Learning Center & Money Museum

Photo Gallery

Students collaborate on Barter Island, an interactive video game that demonstrates just how difficult barter can be.

Students solve the million-dollar puzzle.

Squirrels in the Money Tree use acorns for money.

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Students relax in moneybag chairs. The chairs show the seals of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks as well as an interesting fact about the region each of them represents.

In the Art of Money exhibit, a student studies the beauty of American currency.

Under the Money Tree, visitors are invited to find the counterfeit money and follow the timeline of money’s history.

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Characters from L. Frank Baum’s book, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, act as tour guides throughout the museum. The Stone Money Theater features a film on money’s past, present, and future. In the background is a Yap stone, which is used as money on the Yap Islands.

Slang words for money are displayed on a large mural.

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In the You Look like a Million Bucks exhibit, visitors see how their faces would look on money.

Interesting facts and pictures of money from countries all over the world are at visitors’ fingertips at the Global Money Station.

These architecturally stunning wrought-iron gates welcome visitors to the Learning Center and Money Museum.

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An interactive video game, Escape from the Barter Islands, shows visitors how difficult bartering can be.

On a bridge overlooking the historic main lobby, students learn about the history of security at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

Learning Center and Money Museum
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