Community Voices: Promising Practices for Neighborhood Stabilization

Speech by Governor Elizabeth A. Duke at the 2011 Federal Reserve Community Affairs Research Conference April 28, 2011

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Cleveland, Ohio: Data-Driven Decisionmaking

In Cleveland, an innovative data system developed and maintained by a local university helps the city and community leaders target their limited resources in neighborhoods and on specific efforts that have the best chance for success. This data-driven decisionmaking model has great potential for replication in other cities.

Detroit, Michigan: Community Engagement

In Detroit, decades of population loss coupled with the foreclosure crisis has created a pivotal moment in which the city must reinvent itself. The city is partnering with community leaders to bring together thousands of residents to help make the tough choices that will shape Detroit's future.

Phoenix, Arizona: Suburban Sustainability

Phoenix reminds us that the foreclosure crisis hit suburban as well as urban areas. The vacant homes here tend to be newer, but overbuilding has left house after house empty in communities unused to dealing with foreclosure issues. Here public/private partnerships have reached out to realtors to help connect eligible families with affordable homes, with an emphasis on sustainability for the future.