Reporting Guidance

FR 2900


Report of Transaction Accounts, Other Deposits, and Vault Cash


Purpose:  To provide valuable data for the calculation of required reserves and for construction of the monetary and reserves aggregates used by the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and the Federal Open Market Committee in the formulation of monetary policy.


Commercial Banks   Report Form Instructions
Credit Unions  Report Form    Instructions
Savings & Loans  Report Form Instructions


FR 2900 Webinar Series


FR 2900 Training


Cash Items in Process of Collection (CIPC)


Deposit Reporting Thresholds



Legitimate Difference Documents


FR 2900 Report Contacts (click name to send e-mail) 


Analyst Title Phone #
Jennifer Bray Sr. Financial Analyst (216) 579-2175
Ainslee Johnson Financial Analyst (216) 774-2731
Scott LaBounty Financial Analyst (216) 774-2676
Beth Mowry Coordinator (216) 579-2059
Rich Nabring Sr. Financial Analyst (216) 579-2157
Anthony Randle Financial Analyst (216) 774-2697