Reporting Guidance

FR 2644

Weekly Report of Selected Assets and Liabilities of Domestically Chartered Commercial Banks and U.S. Branches and Agencies of Foreign Banks

The audio presentations below cover the revised report form and instructions. The purpose of these presentations is to provide a brief overview of each line item. Other useful reference materials are available in the See Also and External Links sections located along the right margin of this page.

Below is a link to the report form and instructions found on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors web site.

          FR 2644 Report Form // Instructions

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FR 2644 Report Contacts (click name to send e-mail) 


Analyst Title Phone #
Rochelle Hallisy Coordinator (216) 579-2235
Cierra Freeman Financial Analyst (216) 579-2065
Greg Roberson Financial Analyst (216) 579-2169
Christina Sanchez Financial Analyst (216) 579-3180
Teresa White Financial Analyst (216) 579-2062