Electronic Submission

Methods of Electronic Submission

There are currently several methods of reporting available: Data Entry/Spreadsheet File Transfer and File Transfer of STAT Data Files via “IESUB;” Data Entry via “FR Y-10 Online;” and File Transfer via “CDR” for submitting the Call Report Data. The process for gaining access to submit a report electronically depends on which financial report is being submitted.

Submitting the FR Y-10 Online

As an alternative to submitting an original and one copy of the Report of Changes in Organizational Structure (FR Y-10) respondents may file the FR Y-10 electronically.


To submit statistical and regulatory reports to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland using FR Y-10 Online, you must agree to the terms as stated in the Federal Reserve’s Operating Circular 5: Electronic Access.

Access Procedures

Respondents within the Fourth District interested in filing the FR Y-10 electronically must contact the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland in order to obtain a User ID and password:

  1. Print and complete the User Request Form.
  2. Submit the completed form to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland via fax at 216.579.2205 or by email to one of the contacts listed below.
  3. Upon receipt and processing of the form, you will be contacted with a user name, password, and other relevant information.
  4. The first time you access the site, you will be prompted to change your password.

If you need assistance submitting an FR Y-10 online, contact one of the following Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland staff members: