Electronic Submission

Methods of Electronic Submission

There are currently several methods of reporting available: Data Entry/Spreadsheet File Transfer and File Transfer of STAT Data Files via “IESUB” Data Entry via “FR Y-10 Online” via “Reporting Central” and File Transfer via “CDR” for submitting the Call Report Data. The process for gaining access to submit a report electronically depends on which financial report is being submitted.

Submitting Data via Internet Electronic Submission (IESUB)


To submit statistical and regulatory reports to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland using IESUB you must agree to the terms as stated in the Federal Reserve’s Operating Circular 5: Electronic Access.

Access Procedures

Institutions within the Fourth District seeking access to IESUB for either the data entry, spreadsheet file transfer, or bulk data file transfer methods of electronic submission must complete the steps below:

  1. Print and complete the Internet Submission User Request Form.
  2. Submit the completed form to the Federal Reserve Bank via fax 216.579.2205, email, or mail.
  3. Upon receipt and processing of the form, you will be contacted with a user name, temporary password, and other relevant information for accessing IESUB.
  4. The first time you access the IESUB site, you will be prompted to change your password before using the site.
  5. IESUB will prompt you to change your password every 30 days. If you ever forget your password and need to reset it, contact an IESUB administrator from the list below:

Data Entry/Spreadsheet File Transfer

The respondent has the option to key data directly on the IESUB website or upload a file to IESUB in spreadsheet format. The spreadsheets can be created using a spreadsheet application, like Microsoft Excel, a vendor-supplied software, or any other backend system that a reporting institution uses to generate its data. Refer to the Spreadsheet File Transfer User Guides for file formatting procedures. The following reports can be submitted using Data Entry/Spreadsheet File Transfer in IESUB:

  • FR 2028 A/B/S
  • FR 2069
  • FR 2644
  • FR 2886B
  • FR 2915
  • FR 2900
  • FR Y-9C*
  • FR Y-9LP*
  • FR Y-9SP*
  • FR Y-9ES*
  • FR Y-8**
  • FR Y-11S
  • FR Y-12
  • FFIEC 009
  • FFIEC 009a
  • TIC Reports

* The FR Y-9 Series of reports, as part of the BHC Modernization initiative, are required to be filed electronically. Under this new business model, all published edits must be explained or resolved before the data are accepted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland.

**The FR Y-8 Series is required to be filed electronically beginning with the 6/30/09 report date.

File Transfer of STAT Data Files

Vendor-supplied software is necessary for this type of submission. Through the software, a file is created that can be selected in IESUB and submitted to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Unlike files containing data in the IESUB Spreadsheet Transfer file format, IESUB will not populate a data entry screen nor perform validation checking of the data within the file. For more details, refer to the File Transfer User Guide. The following reports can be submitted using the File Transfer of STAT Data Files in IESUB:

  • FR 2314
  • FR 2314S
  • FR Y-7N
  • FR Y-8
  • FR Y-11
  • FR Y-11S
  • FR Y-12
  • FR Y-12A